Indian Saints Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies Study Anytime,Anywhere at your convinence A well designed curriculum to know India and its people Practice world's most ancient, time tested, pragmatic and enviornment friendly lifestyle Overall wellness for body, heart and soul Learn to save mother nature, encourage brotherhood, practice peace, spread love A journey through Indian sciences and scientist
Hindu Culture And Lifestyle Studies
Shrivedant Foundation Shrivedant Foundation offers unique courses on Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies for Indians and others across the world.

The courses are designed in three levels, Basic, Intermediate and Advance. Each level has four books to study over thirty to 45 sessions to get a certificate from the foundation.

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Course Structure
We have Courses in all three levels
Basic level
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Intermediate level
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Advance level
Read more for Advance level of studies
Books to Study
Our courses are divided into four interesting books

Living Vedic Traditions

Living Vedic Traditions
What are the reasons behind the various customs that we follow? The significance of various customs which transforms every ordinary chore into a lofty offering, seemingly routine activities..... Read More

Ancient Indian Sciences

Ancient Indian Sciences
Indians were ahead in every sphere of activity ranging from astronomy and ayurveda to architecture. Students learn about India’s contribution to the world in these books on.....Read More

Inside India

Inside India
There is so much to see and explore in India, there are places that remind you of eras gone by. Magnificent temples, opulent palaces, stately forts or places, various places of worship.....Read More

Indian Scriptures

Indian Scriptures
What are our Scriptures? How were they created? What is their relevance today? Are Indians a passive lot accepting everything as their karma or does this concept put the put the......Read More
Be a Tutor
A career in teaching Vedic Studies
Be a Teacher
From Editor's Desk
From Editor's Desk
Ms. Vaishali Shah
Ms. Vaishali Shah
Greetings to the readers!
It is truly my pleasure to share with you that after seeing the  success of our website, we have launched well designed courses on Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies for Indians as well as non-Indian communities worldwide. It is our sincere effort to make people aware of how to practice... Read More
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