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The first 2 courses must have given you a fairly good idea about the salient features of Hindu Culture and Lifestyle. Moving on, it is interesting to know that Hindu Culture is not just about gods, rituals and pilgrimages. It gives you insight into the importance of leading a healthy life replete with exercises, good diet, rest and relaxation. Are there mantras that rejuvenate the body, mind and soul and help you to plunge into routine activities with energy and enthusiasm? Interested in learning a few yogasanas? How do these relaxation techniques help you to cope with stress? Pilgrimage circuits that usually include visiting a cluster of places are another feature in this land.

Is Hinduism too rule driven? Or does it allow an individual to exercise his freedom judiciously? Are you acquainted with the art scene in the country? Heard of traditional forms of theatre like Bhand Pather, Svanga, Nautanki, Raslila, Tamaasha, Theyyam and Yakshagana? Do you have a ear for music or want to know about the forms of dance? It might surprise you that while the whole world is waking up to the benefits of sustainable living, organic farming and harmonious living only now, ancient Indian treatises have described this ages ago as these were woven into their lifestyle without a fuss. What is dharma? Is it different for different people according to their place and position in life? What is the origin of temple worship? Why are there so many customs associated with temples? Name the different parts of the temple. List the different types of temples. Seek answers for all these questions and gain clarity by reading the chapters.

The Advance Course of Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies is available to students from 22 years onwards – The books in this group specifically target young adults who are deeply interested in pursuing the course to understand the significance of Vedic Traditions.
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