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What is the scripture for Hinduism? Do you want to know about the authors of the Vedas? Is it not amazing to know that the Vedas were communicated to our ancient Rishis or seers during their metaphysical trance like state? What do the Scriptures contain? Why are there so many deities in Hinduism? There are so many festivals throughout the year. Why should we celebrate these festivals? Hindus revere plants, animals and elements and attach great sanctity to the rivers, mountains and other natural resources. Is there a deeper meaning to these practices? Are we following many of these customs without knowing the reasons for observing them?

India is an ancient land and it attracts hordes of people from other countries. The sheer variety of its temples, palaces, art, paintings, architecture are timeless treasures while its forts and caves and other heritage sites are rich in history bringing out the glory of a bygone era speaking volumes of the skill of its artists and artisans. Some of the crafts demand highly skilled craftsmanship and you will learn to appreciate the artistic brilliance of our artisans.

Whichever part of the world you reside or visit, you will come across menu from Indian cuisine in the restaurants there. You will be amazed by the sheer variety that is on offer from the various regions of India. Today, Indian dresses and accessories are most sought after. Even US Presidential candidates, first ladies and leaders of various countries wear dresses designed by Indian designers who draw their inspiration from the rich culture and traditions of India. You might have heard of ancient Indian scientists, astronomers, surgeons, metallurgists. Has this created an interest in you to know more about these great men and women?

Do you want to savor the wonder that is India? If you are interested in knowing about the country so that you will be able to appreciate all that it has to offer and enjoy its unity in diversity then the course on Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies is just for you.

Shrivedant Foundation offers Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies to interested students in three levels namely Basic, Intermediate and Advance. Students from the age of 8 to 15 can register for the Basic level program. Students will find it interesting to start from the first book of the Basic course as they will go through the chapters in a sequence. There are exercises and fun games like crossword, word search, match the following etc which will motivate young learners to learn the lessons with enthusiasm. Students starting from the Basic level of the first book will have comprehensive knowledge about Hinduism.

Come, register and learn about the various aspects of Hindu Culture and Lifestyle. Ancient truths offered in simple, easy to learn language by experts in the field.
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