From editor's desk
Greetings to the readers!
Editor Vaishali Shah
It is truly my pleasure to share with you that after seeing the  success of our website, we have launched well designed courses on Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies for Indians as well as non-Indian communities worldwide. It is our sincere effort to make people aware of how to practice the Vedic Indian Lifestyle in today’s modern life. I urge you to take up the course which will give you immense confidence and clarity about how and why we have been doing certain things for centuries and many of those things have stood the test of time.

I am surely humbled by the support of various religious gurus, researchers and professors across the world who have directly or indirectly guided us to bring forth this well thought and well planned material to educate people to enhance their life and over all wellbeing of themselves and their family.

The courses are just another way of giving back to the society and nature which we have exploited for a long time for our vested interest. So let’s learn the original and authenticated lifestyle as explained in our scriptures.
Ms. Vaishali Shah

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