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Why should I enroll for the Course?
The course is designed to teach students how to lead a Hindu lifestyle by explaining why it is important to do so in modern times and how to actually start living it. Another spinoff is that if anyone from any part of the world is interested in relocating to India, this knowledge will help to acclimatize to the Indian conditions faster. Any MNC wanting to deal with an Indian company and people will be able to break the ice quickly.

What should I require?
An abiding interest in learning about the various aspects of Hinduism to practice a Hindu way of life

What is the age limit for undertaking the Course?
The course material is well structured and can be taken progressively from the age of 8 onwards to 15 yrs, 16 to 21 yrs and 21 yrs onwards using a set of 12 books. However if you are interested then age is not a constraint. The books are designed in such a way that any adult can also start from the first level as the language is appealing to children and adults alike.   

Can I take the Course from any part of the world?
Of course you can. The online course is delivered through our website.

How will I get the Course material?
The course material will be provided after registration and payment of fees, if you choose to do the online course, the course material will be mailed to you and if you choose the printed version, the books will be delivered to you. 

Will there be a Certificate issued at the end of the Course?
After completing the course, the final assignment of each book should be submitted to us online through our website. On completion of the assessment of the papers, a Certificate of Attendance and Passing will be given to the students via email.

What is the frequency of enrolment?
You may join online courses anytime but the classroom courses will depend on the tutor in your town.

How can it be paid?
We accept payment through paypal and credit card only.

Will there be a refund?
No there will be no refund as this is only a nominal fee we are charging for the courses.

How can parents help?
Parents can help in organizing the classes by spreading the good word and by motivating other interested parents to enroll their children in the classes. Parents can supplement the lessons taught in the class by ensuring the children follow the practical lessons at home so that the learning is reinforced. In this manner, it can be a voyage of discovery for both the parent and the child. Celebration of annual day and festivals can be made as a community initiative so that children learn the joy of participation in a spirit of togetherness.

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