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There is so much to see and explore in India, there are places that remind you of eras gone by. Magnificent temples, opulent palaces, stately forts or places, various places of worship, abodes of our Gods - our country is dotted with such amazing landmarks of History and ancient times and these set of books titled Inside India bring alive the wonder that is India.
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There are many beautiful places that dot the length and breadth of India. We have selected a few places from the north to the south, from the west to the east which are famous for a variety of reasons to provide you with a bird’s eye view of the place. Forts and Caves and other heritage sites are rich in history and speak to us about the glory of a bygone era. This course covers a few such places to give you an idea about this wonderful country called India. Indian cuisine is going places and people all over the world are now familiar with native words like curry and sabzi. There is an exclusive chapter in this book that deals with the regional variations of food. You will be amazed by the sheer variety that is on offer in India. Indian dresses and accessories are also most sought after today and there is an exclusive section that describes the attire of each state or region. Jewellery section is so magnificent that you will enjoy knowing about the different kinds of ornaments in India. All these highlight the skills of our artisans and the last section of this book explains the various types of art popular in India. Some of the crafts demand highly skilled craftsmanship and you can appreciate the artistic brilliance of our artisans.

Course Structure


The geographical features, the States of India, the demography along with other interesting aspects like National bird, National animal, National Anthem, Flag, Emblem are all described. India is a melting pot of cultures and people of different languages live in a spirit of harmony. The languages spoken in different states are explained. Indian cuisine is quite popular all over the world. The chapter on Indian food depicts the regional variations and people’s dietary preferences. Similarly the sartorial variations that we see in the states of India make the nation a colorful place. The sheer variety of fabrics and the jewellery patterns available here cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Our traditional weavers and artisans have unsurpassed skills in their trade. You will know about the unique craft forms like Conch Shell Carving, Ivory Carving, Miniature Painting and Wood Carving, distinct works like Filigree, Terracota, and Chola Bronze works. Places of interest are explained in detail creating a deep desire in a reader to visit and explore India.  


Learn about India’s geographical diversity, its physical features, its national symbols and government. A timeline of important events in its history helps you to understand the country. Who are the people from different fields like education, politics, science, medicine, sports, arts and culture who have made the country proud with their achievements? A detailed description of the languages spoken in the country, its cuisine and a few interesting recipes region wise, dresses from various states along with the traditional crafts like embroidery, chikan, phulkari, pipli, zardozi etc which are popular in each region, types of jewellery and ornaments that adorn different parts of the body are all described in the next few chapters of the book. The art scene is very vibrant in the country and traditional forms of theatre like Bhand Pather, Svanga, Nautanki, Raslila, Tamaasha, Theyyam and Yakshagana to name a few are all explained in depth to give you an understanding of the theatre forms of India. The classical dance forms along with salient features of Indian music are also well depicted to complete your appreciation of India. Description of a few more tourist spots completes this section.

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