Shrivedant Foundation
About Us
Shrivedant Foundation founded in 2001 by Smt. Vaishali Shah and family, is a non-profit foundation in Kenya, dedicated to spreading the message of Vedic Literature and bringing about a welcome change in our lives. Currently, having centers in India and Africa, the Foundation plans to expand its activities on a global platform. It sponsors students of Vedic Sciences across India. It also undertakes digitization and translation of Indian Scriptures. So far 35756 pages of Scriptures have been digitized. Some of the other activities are maintaining goshalas, organizing Vedic Seminars, Exhibitions & Spiritual Classes, Publishing Vedic Literature on various Platforms and arranging Spiritual Trips.
The Foundation also offers knowledge and expertise in the vast field of Sanskrit Literature, the Vedas, Yog Sciences, Histories, Epics and Philosophical systems. 

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